Please Help Us Replace Bad 9/11 Events with Good 1-1-6 Events

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Help Us Replace Bad 9/11 Events with Good 1-1-6 Events

While many crowdfunding campaigns seek funds to help people after a tragedy like 9/11 has happened, my work focuses on preventing tragedies before they happen. It's called *Creating 1-1-6 events*. Instead of focusing on Constantly Negative News like the media does (scary, bad, hurtful, negative news), imagine a world in which people focus on doing what's right and what creates respectfulness. Imagine how kind of results that approach will create. That is what I'm promoting...1-1-6 events. It's what you get when you flip 9/11 around! The opposite layout of numbers and, more importantly, the opposite results in *our* world!

This campaign draws attention to the choices that advance thoughts into plans and events...good or bad. In reality, tragedies are caused not by the killers themselves, but by their CHOICE to kill...which is horribly selfish, evil, and devastating to the victim's families.

I'm seeking funding to help social justice leaders, parents of young children, and teenagers in Southern California...primarily in LA County and Orange County. The results that I strive for is to replace disrespectful choices e.g. bullying with respectful choices as the standard for social behavior from all, to all, for all !


My name is Aneta ThinkOfAll. Following an incident in which I was a victim of abuse that was caused by the wrongdoer's internal choice which I later began referring to it as my 'Personal 9/11', I began to feel a enormous amount of empathy for others who have been abused and wanted to help prevent pain from happening to them.

Now, all-l-l-l my work is to prevent all possible forms of harm or abuse a.k.a. 'Personal 9/11s'. As anyone who knows me knows, I am passionate about educating people on ways to replace reactive responses to wrongdoings with proactive respectfulness to others. To learn more about my 'Why', please visit

My long-term goal is to unite people via a CAREolution, which is the opposition of a REVOLT-u-tion. Instead of reactively responding to harmful events e.g. protests, riots, and, worst of all, candles to honor whose who died, let's unite mentally to proactively prevent these tragedies. For more info re this, visit


1st. The most important use of any funds raised will allow me to work full-time on this. Currently, I'm only able to work a few hours per week. When I can work full-time, I will conduct workshops and webinars every month in southern CA/LA area. I'll also meet with parents, community leaders, anti-human trafficking, social justice and violence prevention agencies here in Southern California to introduce to them how this easy-to-use process can be used as a supplement to whatever process they are currently using to make choices so this process can unite us mentally while we continue on with our own individual work. (Approx. cost = $2,500)

2nd. As funding is available, I will use funds received to hire a highly qualified grant writer (Approx. cost = $1,500) to apply for required funding needed so this process can be officially tested in public schools under the supervision of an accredited university. These grants would enable the "ThinkOfAll" program to be used in schools. Before it can be used, this process must be tested under strict state-mandated, evidence-based research guidelines by teachers in public schools nationwide. The unusual goal is for this process to be a standard for respectful behavior that unites teachers, parents and students across schools across our country.

3rd. Next, when funding is available, I will produce self-tutorials on DVDs of my existing 60-page handbook so parents can use these DVDs to teach their children this simple process. (Approx. Cost: $3,000 for professional videos, production of DVDs, technology to produce downloadable MP3s and PDFs of printed materials)

4th. When funding is available, I will have apps produced that are appealing to teenagers and young adults so they can access info on their smartphones when they want to access the steps of this process quickly re how to handle difficult situations e.g. saying 'no' to a friend's invitation to do drugs, etc. Approx. Cost = $3,000.

5th. When funding is available, I will hire translators to translate my tutorials that are currently written only in English into other languages e.g. Spanish first; then, Asian languages starting with Vietnamese. Approx. cost: $2,000 each language.

6th. Since it's hard for anyone to visualize what our choices that we make today will create for us in the future, I want to gather 100+ good Law of Karma stories a.k.a.*WGACA* (What Goes Around Comes Around) stories to illustrate that 'What You Do Unto Others will Come Back to you 2-10 fold in the future.' I'll also gather W.G.A.C.A. stories that show how bad choices created bad results. The purpose of this is to motivate people to 'Think Of All' when making choices and DEmotivate people from making selfish choices. (Approx. cost $1,000 to collect, consolidate, print). By the way, IF you have a W.G.A.C.A. story, please share it.

THINK, FOR A SECOND, HOW GOOD YOUR LIFE IS NOW... and then, think how quickly your life would be shattered IF a tragedy happened in your family. Please help me prevent 'shattering' tragedies from happening to people like you by teaching everyone possible the value of creating 1-1-6 moments in one's life.

Thank you for your generous help. May you be blessed 10-fold in return for helping me. I also hope you will sign up for my monthly newsletter to learn about ways you can be a peace creator. And, last, please pass this on to your friends who you want them to enjoy more goodness in their lives.

P.S. Because there is no place on this site to enter your name and email address, please email me at so I can send a 'Thank you' gift to you of some P.E.T.s, (Personal Empowerment Tools) for your donation. Using them helps create countless good results and reward in your life. Isn't that what you want?